Spry Mints, Case of 6, 45 pc each

Spry Mints, Case of 6, 45 pc each

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Use Xylitol Mints For Better Breath and Oral Health

Protect Your Teeth with Xylitol Mints!

Why Use Xylitol Mints?

Spry dental xylitol mints are sugar-free and sweetened with 100% xylitol! Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that they may reduce the risk of tooth decay in people who consistently use products sweetened with 100% xylitol. Enjoy great flavor and a cleaner mouth with Spry Dental Mints! Try all of our new flavors today.

Products sweetened with xylitol create an unwelcome environment for bacteria; they simply cannot stick to teeth in a xylitol-rich environment.

Xylitol mints are recommended by dentist, medical doctors, periodontists, pediatricians, and many health organizations and health professionals worldwide as a alternative for anyone concerned with dental health, upper respiratory health, and sugar consumption, in general.

Also available in Cinnamon, Berry Blast, and Lemon flavours.