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Prevent Thinning Hair Scalp Formula

Herbal Glo

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Don't Wait Until Baldness Begins...

If you are experiencing the beginning stages of hair loss, you should use the new 3-step system created by Herbal Glo Laboratories. These formulations are made from an exotic Herbal African Extract which has been documented by independent studies showing significant improvement in hair growth. This was further enhanced with a special vitaminized amino acid complex (Biotinyl Tripeptide), and was tested on people specifically with early stages of hair loss, where the cells were still intact. Hair root activity was examined based on a daily application of this special formula with remarkable results. It helps to slow the ageing effects of the hair follicles and prevents further hair loss.

  • Stage 3 - Scalp Formula - This highly concentrated Scalp Formula with hair growing nutrients is massaged into the scalp to target the early stages of hair loss.


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