Lipo-Flavonoid Formula, 100's, single box or case of 6

Lipo-Flavonoid Formula, 100's, single box or case of 6

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Improving Inner Ear Circulation

Helps Relieve Ringing Ear Causes

To understand why Lipo-Flavonoid works, it helps to have a general understanding of how your inner ear works and what a few causes of ear ringing are. 

Lipo-Flavonoid Works in Two Ways for Inner Ear Health

Key ingredients in Lipo-Flavonoid work to block histamine production in your inner ear, which is a likely cause of inner ear disturbance. Other key ingredients work to prevent abnormal accumulation of fatty deposits in blood vessels, particularly in the small capillaries of the inner ear, which is how Lipo-Flavonoid helps improve circulation.

This improved circulation keeps the microscopic hair cells of your inner ear flexible (helping them properly transmit sound waves), and helps the fluids in your ear canals flow better (helping prevent them from mixing).

When irritants are kept to a minimum and circulation is good, your ears are happy, healthy and ready to hear all the good things life has to offer.