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Eyes Grooming Kit

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For Easy Grooming of Lashes and Brows


*Precision Crafted Brow Scissors
*Fine 2x Magnification mirror with suction cups
*Lash Comb and Brush
*Mascara Brush
*Eyelash Curler
*Cosmetic Pouch

Well defined brows enhance your eyes and make you look fresh and young. The Eyes Grooming Kit comes with all the tools you need for the perfect brows and lashes. Blades of brow scissors are made from quality hardened stainless steel to ensure durability and sharpness. Lash comb/brush and mascara brush are easy to use. They are effectively eliminate mascara clumping and reshape brows to perfection. Precision crafted stainless steel tweezers with slanted tip will make hair removal efficient and accurate. The unique design of eyelash curler can fit the natural line lashes and create incredible depth to your eyes. A fine 2x magnification mirror gives you a close-up view to ensure and accurate trimming. All accessories are packed in an easy-carry pouch. It is perfect for travel.


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