Xlear Conference 2013: Maximize your child's dental hygiene early with Xylitol from Xlear.


Dental professionals are starting to take note: Xylitol can be a great way to ensure that your children enjoy a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene. Dr. John Peldyak, DMD is a leading Xylitol researcher and was a guest speaker at Xlear's annual conference in Cancun, Mexico. His message is simple: when it comes to your child's dental hygiene, timing is crucial. When your child's teeth first begin to grow in, the use of Xylitol dental products can block the formation of bacteria and actually strengthen tooth enamel in the crucial early stages of dental growth:


"Is it ever too early to start using Xylitol? No, the truth is, the earlier, the better."


- Dr. John Peldyak, DMD


Dr. Chris Kammer, a doctor of dental surgery and president of the Academy of Oral Systemic Health also praised Xlear's Spry Infant Toothbrush as an essential tool for any parent with small children.