Xyndet: The Healing Power of the Dead Sea


XYNDET® contains Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea silt, which have a balancing effect on the skin. Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea silt are well known for having positive effects on various skin conditions. It uses Dead Sea silt to have a mini peeling effect for exfoliation and giving a smooth appearance to the skin surface. You can also use Dead Sea salt for curing rashes. XYNDET® uses rich plant oils to be absorbed quickly by dry and scaly skin.

XYNDET® does not contain fatty acids and no animal products.

XYNDET® Sensitive Skin Formula Cleansing Bar removes surface residues of make up and helps open up pores for deeper cleaning. XYNDET® Balm is a very fine structured oil in water emulsion. It transfers moisture as well as oils into the skin. It goes through hard and scaly skin. 

In extreme case of hard and scaly skin we recommend to applying a thicker layer of XYNDET® Balm on the skin and wrap it with a plastic wrap for a maximum 2 hours. It is then absorbed into the skin. The balm will not leave any greasy residues, provided the skin was not treated prior with any other product. XYNDET® Balm should be kept in a cool place in order to apply a cooling effect to the itchy skin. XYNDET® Balm transports moisture and oils into the skin.