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Baking with Xylitol from Xlear is a delicious holiday treat!


If Low-Calorie Diets are not your thing, Xylosweet from Xlear is a great way to make delicious Thanksgiving deserts with a much lower glycemic index and lower calorie option!

Cranberry Walnut Crumble


4 cups fresh cranberries (two 8 oz. packages)

1/3 cups XyloSweet xylitol

3/4 cups coarsely chopped walnuts

3 TBS freshly squeezed orange juice

1/3 cup unsalted butter


1/4 cup XyloSweet xylitol

1 cup spelt flour or whole wheat pastry flour

2 tsp baking powder
1 egg

1/2 cup low-fat milk

To prepare filling:

In a large bowl combine xylitol with cranberries that have been cut in half. (Cutting cranberries in half prevents them from bursting during baking, which helps them retain their shape.)

Stir well to coat all the berries with xylitol.

Cover and set aside for two hours or place in refrigerator overnight.

After allowing mixture to sit, stir in walnuts and orange juice.

Melt butter and pour into 8” square baking pan.

Spoon filling over melted butter in baking pan.

To prepare batter:

Combine xylitol with flour and baking powder.
Add egg and milk, and mix well.

Pour batter over filling, and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until crust is lightly browned.

Best when served warm.

Yield: 9 servings.

Per serving: Calories: 273.4 Carbs: 45.8g Fiber: 3.9g Fat: 14.2g Sodium: 97.6g Net Carbs: 12.4g

Written by Matthew Calmes — October 02, 2013

Pharmacist D.R. Segal Says: "Don't Accept Hair Loss."

Your hair is a natural thing, so it makes perfect sense to use naturally-derived hair growth nutrients to make your hair thicker, stronger and healthier! Axel Kraft International Ltd is proud to carry a fine line of hair care products that do just that. Pharmacist D.R. Segal has developed a scientifically enhanced hair care formula to create an amazing line of hair care and skin care products. HerbalGlo uses all natural ingredients and is free from harmful fragrances and chemicals that can harm your hair. These products have the most complete and comprehensive infusion of herbal and botanical extracts from roots, plants and leaves plus proteins, vitamins and minerals!


 See More Hair Formula Here!



Written by Matthew Calmes — July 05, 2013

The Kappus Story: Quality Soap that is now Available to You!


It's very rare that we as consumers have access to something as amazing as products from Kappus. Kappus started the Glycerin soap industry over 150 years ago in Germany. Axel Kraft International Ltd has been the proud Canadian distributor of this fine line of products for over 20 years!

So what makes our Martina Collection soaps from Kappus so unique? They are made with 72% organic vegetable based oils, which cleans and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Kappus also mills their soaps 6 times to ensure a longer lasting bar of soap. These soaps are pH balanced, not tested on animals and are 100% biodegradable. Kappus also puts the natural fatty acids from the plant oils back into the soap which moisturizes the skin. 

With a multitude of soaps, body shampoos and lotions, Kappus provides a quality line of products. Imported from Germany, these products rise above and beyond your average soap.

Written by Matthew Calmes — July 05, 2013

Xlear Conference 2013: Maximize your child's dental hygiene early with Xylitol from Xlear.


Dental professionals are starting to take note: Xylitol can be a great way to ensure that your children enjoy a lifetime of healthy oral hygiene. Dr. John Peldyak, DMD is a leading Xylitol researcher and was a guest speaker at Xlear's annual conference in Cancun, Mexico. His message is simple: when it comes to your child's dental hygiene, timing is crucial. When your child's teeth first begin to grow in, the use of Xylitol dental products can block the formation of bacteria and actually strengthen tooth enamel in the crucial early stages of dental growth:


"Is it ever too early to start using Xylitol? No, the truth is, the earlier, the better."


- Dr. John Peldyak, DMD


Dr. Chris Kammer, a doctor of dental surgery and president of the Academy of Oral Systemic Health also praised Xlear's Spry Infant Toothbrush as an essential tool for any parent with small children.



Written by Matthew Calmes — June 25, 2013

Why our Silver is the Better Solution

AK Nutrition Silver Solutions

AK Nutrition is proud to present a scientifically proven natural antibacterial product that may be used in the treatment of bacterial infections and immune system support. AK Nutrition's Silver Solutions can be ingested or used as a topical gel to treat an assortment of ailments!


Not your average colloidal silver...


Colloidal silver is a broad term for a solution that can contain various concentrations of ionic silver compounds, silver colloids, or silver compounds bound to proteins in water. Colloidal silvers have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and have been used by many ancient civilizations as a means to maintain health. Before the mainstream discovery and acceptance of antibiotics in the early 1900's, silver products were used by doctors. These earlier versions of silver products are not to be discounted because they indeed provided countless favorable benefits to those who used them to improve their health. But just like any new discovery, as technology and science advances, we find more efficient and effective ways to design and engineer products.


Our silver particle is attracted to the surrounding water molecules, and as such, becomes part of the structure of the water. This makes the silver much more stable and bioavailable than other forms of silver. 

  • Our silver particles are excreted from the body within 24 hours. Therefore, supplements made with our silver particles can normally be ingested daily as a dietary supplement without building up in the body.
  • Our silver particles reach their peak absorption in the blood stream within 2 hours (quick and effective absorption).
  • Because of their multiple modes of action you need less of our nano-silver particles to accomplish the same thing as you would with other ionic or colloidal silver particles (this results in much less silver ingested comparatively).

So what can Silver Solutions do for you?

Silver Solutions can support the immune system and fight against infectious diseases such as:

  • Throat and Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Cankers and other Lip and Mouth Sores
  • Yeast Infections
  • Gastro-Intestinal Tract Problems
  • Eye, Ear and Sinus Infections
  • Food and Water Poisoning
  • Drug Resistant Staph Infections
  • Colds and Flu
  • Super Bugs


Written by Matthew Calmes — June 05, 2013

Xyndet: The Healing Power of the Dead Sea


XYNDET® contains Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea silt, which have a balancing effect on the skin. Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea silt are well known for having positive effects on various skin conditions. It uses Dead Sea silt to have a mini peeling effect for exfoliation and giving a smooth appearance to the skin surface. You can also use Dead Sea salt for curing rashes. XYNDET® uses rich plant oils to be absorbed quickly by dry and scaly skin.

XYNDET® does not contain fatty acids and no animal products.

XYNDET® Sensitive Skin Formula Cleansing Bar removes surface residues of make up and helps open up pores for deeper cleaning. XYNDET® Balm is a very fine structured oil in water emulsion. It transfers moisture as well as oils into the skin. It goes through hard and scaly skin. 

In extreme case of hard and scaly skin we recommend to applying a thicker layer of XYNDET® Balm on the skin and wrap it with a plastic wrap for a maximum 2 hours. It is then absorbed into the skin. The balm will not leave any greasy residues, provided the skin was not treated prior with any other product. XYNDET® Balm should be kept in a cool place in order to apply a cooling effect to the itchy skin. XYNDET® Balm transports moisture and oils into the skin.

Written by Matthew Calmes — May 30, 2013

Why Choose Living Clay? It's a so pure you can eat it!

Living Clay is a "Living" Cure!



Know your Clay!

Why choose Living Clay products? All clays are different and the configuration of a clay's trace minerals is used to distinguish it's type. Most clays are used for industrial applications and therefore are not of a pure quality. The bottom line is this: we have a pure natural Calcium Bentonite Clay that is free of contaminants!

External Uses:

Calcium Bentonite Clay is use by some of the most exclusive Spas and Resorts in the world. There is not finer or more effective Clay for facial treatments, full body wraps and clay baths. In addition, hydrated clay is used topically to ameliorate, treat or remove:

  • Toxic accumulations of heavy metals stored in body tissues
  • Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Shingles
  • Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Skin Rashes
  • Cradle Cap and Diaper Rash
  • Insect bites - wasps, spiders, scorpions, bees and fire ants
  • Cuts, bruises and abrasions
  • Severe Bleeding - can be stopped with dry clay powder
  • Warts
  • Toenail Fungus
  • Jammed or aching joints
  • Sprains and Strained Muscles
  • Infected or gangrenous wounds or sores
  • Radiation Exposure
  • Burns or Chemical Burns

Full body application with 10-15 Minutes of Infrared Sauna, followed by a clay bath, will detox heavy metals from the soft tissue of the body. Clay baths will also relieve stressed muscles in minutes.


Internal Uses:

Using a clean, natural, pure, contaminant free Calcium Bentonite Clay internally can be advantageous for general health. Suggested internal daily dosage of 2-4 ounces of a premixed liquid solution. Some internal uses of Calcium Bentonite Clay are:

  • Detoxify and cleanse the digestive system, liver and colon
  • Treat bacterial food poisoning
  • Removal of organic and non-organic toxicity
  • Removal of heavy metals and recovery from chemical therapies and radiation
  • Elimination of internal parasites in the digestive tract
  • Improve immune system function
  • Increase absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • Neutralize stomach ailments from ulcers and acid reflux
  • Alkalizing agent in the body - balance pH
  • Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream
  • Increases T-cell count
  • Reduction of free radical damage
  • Increase in overall energy level and sense of well-being

*This information is intended for use as an informational guide. The information herein is meant to supplement and not to be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. This information should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health-care professional.




Written by Matthew Calmes — May 30, 2013

Dr. Alonso H. Jones Tells Xlear's Story


"Dr. Alonzo H. Jones, D.O., a family physician in west Texas, now retired, was trying to find a solution for all the people coming to see him for upper respiratory issues. He studied the research pointing to the benefits of xylitol for improving oral health and its effects on bacteria. He noted that upper respiratory problems had been steadily increasing since the early 1970s, owing to environmental factors that include poorly conceived drug therapy and growing antibiotic resistance. He also understood that most upper sinus and respiratory problems were linked to chronic inadequate nasal hygiene. Studies show that 90% of moisture and bacteria enter through the nose. He set out to find a preventative treatment to address these growing problems. The solution was Xlear.

Clinical studies have shown that oral xylitol administered in syrup and chewing gum may help reduce the risk of tooth decay. The studies indicated many of the bacteria found in the nose and mouth ingested xylitol but could not metabolize it. This prevented the production of harmful by-products. Xylitol also helped to moisturize the nasal passages to relieve irritation and dryness.

Based on this research, Xlear product formulation began and clinical studies followed with the product introduction to the market in June of 2000. In his own words, Dr. Jones explains his feelings about this revolutionary, patented product: “When I first found out what using Xlear’s nasal spray did for children, I was really excited. I wanted to share Xlear with everyone.”

Read more about these ground-breaking discoveries:

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Written by Admin 2 — January 18, 2013

Silver Solution for Beauty and Healing

"The Silver Sol Technology provides an extraordinary ability to eliminate the risk of infection from bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeast plus enhance the immune system.

Their long list of benefits is truly impressive: they provide rapid wound healing, reduce inflammation, and prevent scarring. It is recognized as one of the safest and most effective solutions for skin health and skin rejuvenation." (Sherill Sellman, Total Health Magazine)

Read more:

Silver products:

Written by Admin 2 — January 18, 2013


We at Axel Kraft International Ltd. are proud to bring you an amazing assortment of quality bath, body and health care products! We import our quality products from all over the the globe. Proudly Canadian and ready to bring you the latest in body care.